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About Us

The Basics

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables is a locally owned cottage industry on the Mendocino coast in Northern California. Since 1981 we’ve been fine-tuning the techniques involved in wildcrafting (gathering by hand in the wild), drying, and storing sea vegetables. We are one of only a few operations that harvest seaweed along the Pacific Coast, and one of only two companies in the United States offering a full range of local and imported seaweed products.

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Our business employs locally and maintains an active role in Mendocino’s community, participating in fundraisers, engaging in local decision-making, and supporting culinary entrepreneurs with Chubby’s, our commercial shared-use kitchen.

An Ocean-Friendly Business

We’ve developed our harvesting techniques based on sound science, but our work is deeply personal too. Spending as much time as we do in the Pacific’s intertidal zones and witnessing the intricate balance of life there, we can hardly help but learn to revere these ecosystems and to respect the creatures that depend on the sea vegetables we harvest. Returning year after year to the same locations, we’ve come to know these places intimately, and to feel a personal responsibility for ensuring that they continue to flourish.

Unlike industrial-scale seaweed companies, we never use machines, motorized boats, or other harvesting equipment that could adversely affect the ocean environment. We are careful never to take too much from one area. We’ve perfected our hand-cutting techniques to leave the least impact, so that our seaweeds can continue to grow and reproduce. Owner Larry Knowles is a member of the Mendocino Seaweed Harvesters Stewardship Alliance, and respected advocate of sound environmental policy for seaweed harvesters.

In addition to our sustainable harvesting practices, Rising Tide has instituted a number of initiatives to lessen our impact globally. For one, we practice a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Nearly all of our packaging is recyclable. To avoid excess packaging, many of our seaweed products are sold in bulk, which also brings down the cost for our customers. Finally, our wholesale business is concentrated on the U.S. West Coast to minimize transportation impacts and our Carbon Footprint.

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