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Mendocino County beaches and ocean among the cleanest !!

Wind and Ocean Current Videos – Why radiation cannot get directly to our shores

No Radioactive Isotopes from Fukushima Detected.

For wholesale purchases, please call 707-964-5663

Larry Harvesting Kombu Purple Urchin in a Tidepool Larry on a Kayaking Harvesting Sea Vegetables Larry Laying Out Nori on Drying Racks A Closeup Photo of Sea Palm Still on the Rocks

Succulent Seaweed, Sustainably Harvested

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables is your source for the freshest, most flavorful seaweed available. All of our seaweed is harvested with care and respect for our underwater environment, sun-dried, and prepared so as to preserve the most nutrients. From the tender Sea Palm and iodine-rich Kombu we hand pick in the pristine waters off the Mendocino Coast in California to the certified organic Sushi Nori we bring you from Asia, you can be sure you're getting the very finest. Order some today and taste the difference!

Since 1981
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