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Wildcrafted Macrobiotic Organic Seaweed Snacks

What Our Customers Say...

"My husband and I used to live in Japan, where we learned what it means to eat really fresh sea vegetables. Recently we spent six months traveling from Texas up through the western states to Canada, and then zigzagging home through the northwestern and central United States. One of the purposes of our trip was to develop an understanding of how macrobiotics is practiced in different regions of the United States, so we visited macrobiotic households and ate macrobiotic food in most of the states we were in.

We found Rising Tide Sea Vegetables to be the best sea vegetables anywhere. They were as fresh as what we used to eat in Japan. A lady I met in Utah said the same thing. Rising Tide's kombu is so fresh I eat it right out of the bag."

Rebekah Newton
Macrobiotic Cooking Teacher and Counselor
New Braunfels, TX October

"I think your product wakame (the only one of yours I've tried so far) is entirely superior to others I've used. It shows much more care in selection, processing, and packaging. Its cooked appearance and flavor also are superior. I look forward to trying some of your other sea veggies."

C. Budelier, Oroville, CA

"I recently bought your nori and kombu for a very reasonable price, and was thoroughly pleased with your product. Do you have a catalog and literature?"

Sally Braddock, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

"Your sea vegetables are undoubtedly the best anywhere. Please send me a catalog."

Don Sperry, Trenton, NJ
Sea Land Corporation

"I tried your Sea Crunchies at Whole Foods in Palo Alto. They are quite delicious but I can't return to Palo Alto to get more. Do you sell by mail, or at a store nearer me?"

Matt Henry, Whittier CA

"This is just a note to tell you that I think your kombu is wonderful; much superior to what I can get here. I used to live in Berkeley and am spoiled. I may move down to the OR coast but I plan to be your permanent customer."

Joan Miller, Kirkland, WA

"Your Maple Kelp Crunch bars are the best! I sprinkle them on salads and spread almond butter on them. They're a fantastic travel food!"

Darca Nicholson
Integral Health Care Provider
Ukiah, CA


Rising Tide Sea Vegetables

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